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The Ancient Lizard King

October 15th., 2017

ROAR!! At first, we didn’t see him. We knew he was somewhere nearby as we looked around from an underground tunnel connecting the “Voi Wildlife Lodge” and a waterhole where animals come to drink, but he wasn’t to be seen yet. Another ROAR! but still not a sight. The space is phenomenal, those African landscapes, so we were excited knowing he was around. At the third ROAR! so terrifying that even our goose bumps wanted to jump off our skin and run for dear life, we fully got it.

One could have seen thousands of movies and listened to thousands of MP3 of a roar, but nothing prepares you for the sheer power of that sound in real life. He could’ve been a few meters away or a mile, for he gets all the energy from the mighty Africa and its land, and roars with such power that it shakes every bone and nerve in your body. That is how it confuses its prey; that deep primordial sound coming from everywhere at the same time unmistakingly told us, this is the King of Africa. Yes, elephants are mighty, wonderful and smart, and ancient rhinos, my personal favorites, possess such a brutal force that inspire fear, but nothing matches the power and majesty of Simba, the Lion King. Once he appeared, only ten meters away from us, we stood there in reverence, motionless, admiring the king with trepidation despite the thick glass that separated us from His Majesty.

Tsavo National Park, Kenya - the vast space

Kenyan Landscape

Ancient Lizard King, Kenya, Tsavo National Park

Ancient Lizard King

Kenya - Diani Beach, Nelson the Camel

Nelson, Diani Beach

Kenya - Kenyan children smiles are the most beautiful

Kenyan Smile

“We” were The Gazelle and me. The Gazelle was A.B.O. (her initials) a wonderful, supermodel-like woman I met in a restaurant on Diani Beach near Mombasa and had, taken by both her beauty and calm wit, invited her to go on the safari with me. She happily went, became my lover and also a litmus test for my curse. After a long day on the safari filled with miraculous encounters with the Big Fives, we laid down on the bed to get some rest and, perhaps do the bad thing but, for about a half an hour which felt like an eternity, I could not get an erection. That had never happened to me before when I was teetotaling like I had been all my time in Africa, where I finally sobered up. Even worse, I got a splitting headache next to the generous, young and ready body of a woman who wanted me. It was tearing me apart, the headache, my first ever with a naked woman next to me. It was embarrassing and scary and very painful and quite disorienting at the same time. I had no clue what was happening, why my whole being was rejecting such a wonderful woman. She had the patience of a saintly nun and had lovingly seduced me into submission nevertheless.

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