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Pain (and joy) of Living

On that festive but cold, sunless Christmas of 2018 in Norway, the protagonist of the Jung’s Demon book, a man I knew from our time together in Paris, slit his own throat. Assembling my acquaintance’s murderous chronicles described in the book was a daunting personal task but once investigation into his crimes was over, to my great surprise, I was given a computer containing his musings and material about the book.

He had no family to inherit his meager possessions so the police thought I’d be the man to have it. I name those ramblings Pain (and Joy) of Living, in a hope it shade some light into making of his instant classic. (Trygve E. Wighdal)

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What could be more painful, for starters, than an interview? Trygve E. Wighdal on Smashwords

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